YUC Hand Spinner Cartoon Kids Toys


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After receiving the animated spinning top, please tear off the matte film by hand, and then use the mobile phone video function to shoot the animation in the sun.

Because the refresh frame rate of our naked eyes is very high, when the top rotates again, we have already seen the spinning, and we can’t see the freeze frame.

Because when you choose 30 frames per second for the video format, then the top needs to meet the multiple of 30 rotations per second/6 (6 frames) to freeze the frame To the screen, then the animation is generated.

At night, when we take a picture of a moving vehicle, there will always be a smear effect.

Because the light is too dark and the shutter is not fast enough.

There must be enough light to let the phone shutter automatically meet the high shutter speed and freeze every frame in the rotation.

Package Includes:

1 x Cartoon Toy


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