XF0128 F2 Noise Cancelling Sound Absorbing Cover


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– This is a noise reduction cylinder designed and processed with a high-quality noise reduction sponge

– By absorbing and reflecting the surrounding noise through the noise reduction sponge, your microphone can be isolated in a quiet recording space, so that the microphone can specifically record your voice during recording and singing

– The microphone pop filter can help you record a complete sound spectrum during the recording process and greatly reduce the external environmental noise

– At the same time, the microphone isolation shield also makes your recorded sound clear and pure

– F2 wind and noise reduction screen can not only reduce the reflection of indoor recording sound but also effectively reduce the interference of outdoor wind and environmental noise on the human voice recording

– Uses a high-quality sound-absorbing sponge, reflecting surrounding noise, so that your mic can be isolated in a quiet space to record your voice while singing or recording

– A detachable blowout cover is designed in front of the integrated blowout cover to prevent the generation of plosive sounds and the erosion of the drool dialogue during the recording process

– Reduce ambient noise and sound reflections Isolate your microphone in a quiet recording environment while reducing sound reflections

– Material; Noise Reduction Sponge

Package Weight:20g

Package Dimensions:20cm x 20cm x 17cm

Package Includes:
1 x Portable Simple Studio Mic Screen


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