Wireless USB Bluetooth-Compatible Adapter Transmitter


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Three-in-one function of bluetooth receiver + transmitter + microphone call.

USB socket 5V power supply.

Turn on the bluetooth on the phone to find the M10 and click connect.

The transmitting red light is on, and the computer transmits to the earphones and speakers.

The receiving blue light is on, and the receiving music is input to the earphone and stereo.

Support A2DP mobile phone music playback, 7-color lights on boot.

The Bluetooth distance is 10 meters”.

Let the computer have Bluetooth function, turn on the computer in seconds, and respond quickly without stuttering

USB plug in the power supply, the case shows colorful atmosphere lights.

High-quality chip performance is stronger and connection is more stable.

Plug and play, drive-free, save trouble.


Package Includes:

1 x Wireless Transmitter


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