USB Sun Projector LED Eclipse Light


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If you are dreaming of having a beautiful and romantic home,rainbow projector lamp allows you to have a romantic bedroom, a cool living room for you and your family. With this rainbow lamp light,enjoying a relaxing dinner is no longer a dream. Let the rainbow fulfill every corner

This Moon projection lamp can be folded, light weight and easy to carry, natural and clear light is not harsh.
The rotating light can adjust the size and shape of the luminous projector glow. The greater the distance, the larger the projection of moonlight projected onto the wall or ceiling. The light casts a romantic moon on the walls and ceiling.
The projection light uses natural light and diode’s trichromatic reflection of wonderful natural moonlight, it can change your space and make it instantly romantic and interesting. Creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.
This moon projection lamp can give you a romantic backdrop for beautiful photos at home, hotel, travel, school or work.
The Moon light is easy to use, plug directly into the USB interface.

Package Weight: 148g

Package Dimension: 9,6 x 3,6 x 14,3cm(L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x USB Sunset Projector LED Moon Light


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