Universal EU Plug USB Battery Charger with LCD Indicator Screen Adapter Cell Phones Batteries


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100% brand new and high quality.
1. Suitable for the recharging of Li-ion batteries with the capacity of and below 1000mAh.
2. High performance power switch is contained inside, with the range of electric voltage from 110-240V.
3. With intelligent LCD status display. So that the process of charging more accurate and clear.
4. Recharging and discharging is controlled by micro computer chip, with high speed and efficiency, and automatic shut-down sanction when recharging is completed, it is safe and reliable.
5. The size and weight of it are suitable for carrying around, suitable to most Li-ion batteries with the electric voltage 3.6V or 3.7V.
6. With the intelligent inside circuitry, it can automatic transform the charger output polarity to suitable for the battery anode and cathode.

Using Instructions:
1. Put the battery into the charger and adjust the clips on the charger until they are the connected properly. If the LCD screen is on, it shows connecting well. If not, please adjust the clips on the charger contact with the battery, until the LCD screen can turn on.
2. Connect the charger with power, it presents a photo of battery on the LCD screen and four panes power is flickering by return from left to right in the battery photo, that means the charger is on.
3. Until the battery is full of power, the four panes power do not flicker and present on the LCD screen, this means finished. If using not urgently, you’d better continue to charger 1-2 hours to ensure its best charging effect.

Item Type: Universal Battery Charger
Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: Random delivery (If you buy more, you may receive the same color or multiple colors)
Size: 8×5×3.5cm/3.15×1.97×1.38in (Approx.)
Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz
Output: 4.2V-300mA MAX
Plug Type: US/EU plug (Optional)
Quantity: 1 PC (other accessories demo in the picture is not included)

Package Includes:
1 X Universal Battery Charger


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