Two Way Radio Earphone Walkie Talkie Headset 2 Pin Earpiece


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Compatible with:
Ham radio model: for motorola
for em series: em1000, em1000r, em1020r
for mr. series: mr350r, mr355r, mr356r
for mh series: mh230r, mh370
for hyt: tc 320 310
for t series: for t270, t280, t289, t4000, t4512, t7000, t4800, t4800aa, t4900, t4900aa, t5000, t5100 radio, t5000aa, t5146, t5200, t5300, t5320, t5400, t5410, t5412, t5420, t5422, t5500, t5500aa, t5512, t5522, t5532, t5550, t5600, t5620, t5700, t5710, t5720, t5725, t5800, t5820, t5822, t5900, t5920, t5950, t5950aa, t6000, t6200, t6210, t6212, t6220, t6222, t6250, t6300, t6300aa, t6310, t6312, t6320, t6322, za, t6412, t6500, qualitätsfrauen, t6550, t6512, t6552r, t6500aa, t7000, t7100r, t7150r, t7200, t7200aa, t7400r, t7400aa, t7450r, t7100, t7150, t7200, t7400 based, t7450, t8000, t8500, t8550, t9000, t9500, t9550, t9500r, t9500xlr, t9550xlr, t9580xlr, t9650, t9680

other: mb140r, mc220r, mc225r, mh230r, mj270r, tklr t3, t4 t5 tklr, tlkr, tlkr t7, xtr446, xtl446, pmr446, spirit gt / gt plus, fr50, fr60, sx500, sx620r, sx700, sx709r, sx750, sx800, sx900, sx920r, fr50, f60, fv200, fv200r, fv200aa, fv300, fv500, fv500r, fv500aa, fv600, fv700, fv750, fv800

Package Weight:10g
Package Dimensions:18cm x 9cm x 1cm

Package Includes:

1 x Walkie Talkie Earphone


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