Super Mini USB 2.0 Microphone MIC Audio Adapter Portable Studio Speech for Laptop


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USB interface professional network microphone

1) Computer USB plug is suitable for any computer model with USB interface
2) 360-degree omnidirectional omnidirectional, anti-noise, can be used as computer recording equipment

USB plug is suitable for: network chat, MSN, SKYPE, network video conference, network recording, network game

Professional network microphone Professional voice chat tool Plug and play without any driver Portable and practical


Plug and play, automatically shield the microphone of the computer’s built-in sound card (individual computers that will not be shielded, only need to manually switch once)


  1. Cold black.
  2. High performance microphone, real sound reproduction
  3. High sensitivity, effective distance of 1 meter, bid farewell to the traditional 3.5-pin microphone effective distance 0.5M-1M limitation

Product parameters:

  1. Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
  2. Sensitivity: -67dB±4dB
  3. Sensitivity reduction: -3dB at 1.5V
  4. Working voltage: 4.5V
  5. Frequency response: 100~16kHz
  6. Signal to noise ratio: More than 67dB

Say goodbye to the traditional 3.5 microphone, no need to face the microphone, so that you can be further away from your computer, effectively protecting your eyesight. With 360° omni-directional omnidirectional, you and your family can share the fun of online chatting whether in front of or behind the microphone or on the left and right.

Q: Why is the volume of my microphone low and the accompaniment sound loud?
1. Turn on the microphone enhancement, in the small button next to the microphone in the mixing interface.
2. Please turn down the volume on the accompaniment software, and turn up the microphone volume in the sound card driver interface mixing area, and turn up the total volume. Adjust these three volumes according to your own situation.

Package Includes:

1 x USB Microphone


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