Smart Home Security Alarm


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The smart security alarm kit is based on the intelligent security host, which is paired with PIR detector, door magnetic sensor, and wireless remote controller to build an intelligent security system. It not only reach anti theft alarming, but also be linked with smart sockets and devices to get to smart life.

Connect to WiFi, App control
Wireless communication, no need wiring
Freely switchable national standard
The alarm is not triggered, and the indicator light shows the effect of breathing light
50pc detectors can be added, each detector can be programmed
Low power consumption design
Accessories low power notification
Intelligent scene recognition, enclosed reminder
Volume is adjustable

Built-in doorbell, with 17 band of eight chord music to switch
Built-in alarm tone is optional, with 32 bands of eight chord music to switch
Built-in battery for backup, have notification when power off or incoming call

Package Weight: 404g

Package Dimensions: 17,5cm x 15,4 x 9(L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x Remote
1 x PIR Sensor
1 x Manual
1 x Pack of accessories
1 x Door detector
1 x Smart alarm gateway
1 x Panic Button


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