Security Door Lock Smart Keyless Usb Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock For Locker Travel


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Super mini smart fingerprint padlock with metal case.
Can store 10 groups of fingerprints.
Suitable for luggage, bag, student cabinet, gym cabinet.

Fingerprint sensor:Semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology, 120×120,record 5 times and save 10 groups
Fingerprint shape:square,10.4×10.4mm
Storage capacity:10 groups of fingerprints
False Accept Rate (FAR): <0.001%
False Reject Rate (FRR): <2%
Fingerprint collection time: ≤0.5 seconds
Fingerprint matching time: ≤1.0 seconds
Administrator fingerprint capacity: 2 groups of fingerprints
Fingerprint setting: short press to unlock, long press 3s to set fingerprint, long press 6s to delete fingerprint
Lock body material: aluminum alloy
Lock beam material: stainless steel
Lock beam diameter: 4mm
Cylinder: no mechanical cylinder
IC card: not supported
Motor: Planetary Geared Motor M10
Working voltage: 3.7V
Battery: Lithium battery 60mAh 3.7V
Charging current: 5V / 100mA
Charging indicator: red light off when full charge
Waterproof level: not waterproof
Low power alarm: 3.3V
USB interface: Micro USB 5V 0.5A (emergency + charging)
Buttons: No
Product size: 50x27x13.4mm
Net weight: 30g

Package Includes:

1 x Fingerprint Lock


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