SE064 Strap Wi-Fi Camera K10


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– Built-in battery for 1 hour, loop recording to SD card hence, view the video on your phone by wifi

– Will automatically record after first setting ALL Day Record

– The phone connects to the camera directly as a monitor, no need for cell service, nor data plan

– Wifi distance:20 feet

– Connects to the router at home and monitors on the phone remotely through the internet as indoor surveillance

– With a WiFi connection, you can see live streams via phone /tablet (IOS & Android App) for remote view and listening when you left home

– Can record on SD Card or Cloud storage(not free)

– With mini size and flexible accessories, You can install it indoors, and wear it on your pocket, bag or wrist, or belt. even can share to friends live video online if you have a roaming router

–  Flexibly wear the cam on your wrist for sports recording, a strong magnetic base sticks to the wrist with a stable connection

– The base can connect to the charging cable to charge the camera by junction point with magnetic force. it is easy to put the charging base on any surface while hooking the camera to the charging base to charge it

App: Little Stars

Package Weight:10g

Package Dimensions:15cm x 8cm x 4cm

Package Includes:

1 x Wi-Fi Camera

1 x Camera Magnetic Holder

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x USB Metal Cable

1 x Strap


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