PXN-2119 Pro USB Simulator Flight Controller Joystick


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– A high-degree-of-liberty controller with button programming, button mapping, and vibration suitable for all kinds of game terminals

– Product model: PXN-2119 PRO

– Support platform: PC computer, Xbox One, or PS4 

– Double motor design, built-in double vibration motors simulate the vibration caused by real airflow. Let you experience a stronger sense of real game substitution

– Self-contained damping feedback and free control of the engine

– Tri-mode switching extension. 1 6×3 key position function. Press the MODE key to switch freely and edit the mapped keyboard at the same time

– Mouse and other functional buttons

– Product Size:

  • Main remote bar: 176mm x 176mm x 239mm
  • Throttle: 170mm x 170mm x 159mm                         

Package Weight:1900g

Package Dimensions:36cm x 19cm x 35cm

Package Includes:

1 x Joystick

1 x Accelerator Rudder


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