Powerful Flashlight Shock Model 288 With Electrodes


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– The 288 Multifunction Flashlight with Stun Gun Taser and Laser (Black) is a handy lighting device that doubles as a self-defense tool

– Whether you’re trying to avoid a tight situation outside, or just in need of a light to search for something, the 288 Multifunction Flashlight is certified heavy duty

– The flashlight is turned on at the slide switch of the unit. Make sure to charge it before you leave the house for longer protection.

– In any case, if you deem it necessary to use the 288 Stun Gun Taser, press the button on the other end of the unit and slide the light switch to the topmost position

– The Stun Gun Taser packs 1 million volts of power — powerful enough to shock your attacker but still safe that it only immobilizes him

– When you activate the stun gun, it gives off a loud sound and attention-grabbing spark, so it can also help alert people and authorities around you

Package Weight:20g

Package Dimensions:20cm x 7cm x 5cm

Package Includes:

1 x Flashlight Tazer

1 x Charging Cable


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