Pair Of Memo Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeve


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Product Name : MEMO Finger Sleeve
Applicable : For mobile games
Advantages : More sensitive
Color : Black Red

Quality material: These finger sleeves are made of fiber and cotton, these touch screen finger sleeves is breathable and its sweat absorbing ability is better than those regular rubber and cotton product

Elasticity: As these mobile game controller finger sleeves has high elasticity, it can adjust and fit most people’s finger size, it is portable and easy to carry on the pocket or bag, you can apply it whenever you need

High sensitivity: The conductive fiber finger sleeves make it become more sensitive to the mobile phone screen and comfortable, which will help you improve the gaming experience

Wide applications: these touch screen finger sleeve can not only applied when you are playing games, you can also applied it whenever you are using the mobile phone

Package Weight: 4g

Package Dimensions: 10 x 11,8cm (L x H)

Package Includes:
1 x Pair Of Memo Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeve


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