Mosquito Killer Lamp Zapper USB LED Light UV Insect Trap


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1. Using mosquito-loving 368nm ultraviolet light trapping lamp, 360 degree illuminating, photocatalytic reaction with photocatalyst, releasing carbon dioxide and airflow, simulating the moisture of carbon dioxide emitted by human body, and attracting mosquitoes in any direction.
2. The fan stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that the mosquitoes that are used to flying with the airflow come with the wind. When the mosquito approaches the wind tunnel, it will be sucked into the bottom mosquito trap by the strong vortex.
3. When the mosquito is sucked into the catching grid, it is difficult to escape the strong vortex formed by the fan, and it has been pressed by the cyclone into the bottom of the mosquito disk. Let it die of dehydrate and air dry.
4. Removable structure design, rotate the counterclockwise direction to disassemble the mosquito storage tray, wash it with water, and wipe it clean with a dry cloth after cleaning.
5. Adopts standard USB charging cable for more convenient power supply. It can be connected to a mobile phone charging head, and can be connected to a laptop or can be connected to a power bank.Specification:
Product name: Photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp
Product power supply: DV 5V-1A
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 220V110-220V
Power cord length: about 108cm/42.52in
Size: 12 x 21.5cm
Cable Length: 108cm
Color: As the picture show

Package Includes:

1 x Mosquito killer lamp


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