Mini Expandable Tripod Bluetooth-Compatible Wireless Selfie Stick with Stand for Smartphone


Product parameter:
1. Hand-held stretch length: 76cm
2. Tripod stand stretch height: 81,3cm
3. The folded length of the selfie stick: 18,9cm
4. Mobile phone clip stretching distance: 8,5cm
5.Handle material: abs
6. Clip material: abs
7. Gross weight of finished product with packaging box: 132g
8. Packing box specification: 195*45*47MM
9.Bluetooth-compatible version: 4.0
10.Maximum remote control distance: 10 meters
11. Battery properties: mercury-free button battery
12.Battery life: more than 1000 photos can be taken (the power needs to be turned off when the remote control is not used)
13. Product color: blue, black, white, rose red

Product Features:

1.Can be used as a Bluetooth-compatible selfie stick

2.Unique tripod function can remotely control photos and videos

Product Description:

1. It can be used as a Bluetooth-compatible selfie stick to make your travel or daily life more convenient.
2. Support remote photography, video, mobile phone selfie stick is more humane.
3. Foldable, small size, light weight, easy to carry or store, it will not take too much time and effort.
4. The Selfie tripod is designed with LED indicators to show the connection status.
5. The selfie stick is easy to operate and suitable for most people. Suitable for travel, parties, etc.

Package Includes:

1 x Selfie Stick

1 x Remote


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