LED Rainbow Projection Light


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High-quality LED products, high stability, long life, long-range refraction and brightness clearer, no heat radiation, no harm to the skin.
Streamline shape, the refraction effect is very good, the modern simple button led lights, touch adjustable switch, very scientific.
Low power consumption, continuous use of about 30 hours, safe and practical, environmental protection and energy saving.
There are 3 modes to choose from: variation, different color for different times, slow change, vivid, and bright color band display.
You can also set the time to rotate the reflector to adjust different rainbow shape.
Adjust the light-emitting area and select the refraction area to reflect different patterns.
can be used as a night light.
Powered by battery (not included), safe for children.

Three modes: variation (Color change in different time), slow (less color change), vivid (bright color ribbon display).


Package Includes:

1 x LED  Light



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