L6M-3M Mire Screen Lightning To HDTV Cable


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Mirascreen cable is a cable for displaying (Copy / Clone) HP screen results to an HDMI TV (mobile phone to HDTV).
Suitable for cellphones with micro usb ports, lightning (iphone/ipad), type c with the condition that you download the Ezcast application for Android and IOS using AirPlay.

Showing results from Android / ios HP screen to HDMI TV (Copy / mirror / Clone)
Functions for charging devices
Support Full HD 1080p
Support IOS and Android
Audio Support
Cable length: 198 cm
USB power cable length: 75 cm
HDMI plug : Silver Plate
Model : L6M-3M
CPU : AM825x

Input source: Micro USB, Type C and Lightning
for iphone, if it doesn’t show, please plug the lightning behind it (reverse)
Input Power: USB power DC 5V
output : HDMI male

Package Weight: 165g

Package Dimensions: 8 x 2,3 x 15cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x L6M-3M Mire Screen Lightning To HDTV Cable
1 x Manual


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