Flexible Keyboard 85Keys USB Keyboard Portable Waterproof Silicone


-The key life can reach 15 million times.

– Knocking silent, not afraid of affecting family sleep.

– It is non-toxic, odourless and harmless with silicone materials.

– Can be curled into the bag at will, easy to carry and save space.

– Can adapt to the temperature difference between -40 and 80 degrees.

– Good resilience, soft and comfortable touch, protect your fingers from injury.

– Unique surface treatment keeps the key words from falling off and does not fade.

– Fully sealed design, waterproof, dustproof, oil proof, acid and alkali resistant, can be used in any harsh environment, and can be disinfected and washed in water.



Size: 35.5*13.2cm

Material: Silicone

Key distance: standard 85 keys

Working temperature: -40~80°C

Button force: 80 ~ 120g

Service life: more than 10 million times


Package includes:

1* Keyboard


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