Dynamic Retro Vintage Microphone For PC Mixer


This Microphone is a professional audio studio recording microphone , which used high quality popular big dynamic cartridge / microphone element .

Can meet any high class request for the singing effect and  voice quality , and this group microphone mainly called back electret condenser microphone,

Handheld microphone, recording microphone, studio microphone  , singing dancing mic, stage performance mic, CCTV host or interview microphones ,

Handheld wired microphone, handheld speaker mic, karaoke system, karaoke microphone, chorus microphone , karaoke microphone with vedio recording,

Music recording microphone, network microphone, Wired vocal microphone , vintage microphone, retro microphone, retro vintage microphone, wired microphone,

Old style microphone , vocal dynamics etc  and undoubtedly those microphones have a very wide using application like classroom, meeting, conference , big demonstration ,

Parade, march, church, preach, speaking, host , preside, lobby, stage performance, network online chatting, PC Recording & speaking, Karaoke , music record,

Supermarket promoting, comment, stage singing & dancing and all kinds other voice Application Occasions etc


Uniform cardioid pick-up pattern for maximum gain • before feedback and excellent rejection of off-axis sound

Tailored frequency response specifically shaped for • speech, vocals and instrumental music

Chrome die-cast metal construction and mechanical • design resists wear and abuse

Classic appearance, modern performance

Shock mounted cartridge minimizes stand • transmitted noise

On/Off switch

High quality, ruggedness and reliability

Packaging Include:

1 x Microphone

1 x Carry Case


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