D18 Bluetooth Digital Fiber Coaxial Audio Converter


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This product is a Bluetooth receiver and digital fiber-coaxial to analog audio converter, U disk player all-in-one device
The product is simple to operate, it can freely receive most of the Bluetooth audio, through this product you can convert digital audio to the analog audio signal.
The music I the mobile phone can be wirelessly transmitted to the audio equipment.
It is suitable for TVs, Game consoles, CD players, Mp3, etc.
It perfectly solves the limitations of audio equipment and expands the functions of various audio equipment

Safe to use
Easy and convenient to use
Portable and durable.

Package Weight: 220g

Package Dimensions: 16,3 x 3,6 x 12,8cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x D18 Bluetooth Digital Fiber Coaxial Audio Converter
1 x Manual
1 x RCA Cables
1 x USB Cable
1 x Audio Cables


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