Cute Worm Lazy Mobile Phone Bracket Multi-Functional


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1. On the basis of the appearance, the cute design of the worm is added.
2. Functionally added a powerful adsorption function, not only can be wrapped around any steering wheel, bicycle handle, outdoor railing, tree trunk, etc., but also can be applied to any clean surface of the office, coffee table, wall, kitchen utensils, Mobile phone brackets for door and window, floor tiles, etc. to chase drama, video photo, video chat, navigation and so on.
3. The mobile phone clip has a telescopic size of 7.4-10cm, which is suitable for mobile phones within 6 inches.
4. Multi-functional lazy bracket with 360 degree rotation, small size, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, random deformation and good stability.
Most place can be used if you want and use it well
Material: Silica gel
Product size: about 51*2cm
Weight: about 220g
1. The product does not contain a mobile phone
2. Suitable for mobile phones up to 6 inches

Package includes:
1x Worm Lazy Holder


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