B28 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver and Transmitter


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– Durable: 4 hours battery life, lossless sound quality, hands-free calling, plug and play, AUX interface

– Connect to the TV: Connect to the 3.5mm audio interface of the TV, and transmit the sound around the earphone wirelessly, so you are not afraid to disturb your family when watching movies at night

– Practical: This product can be connected to the car audio, not only can ring but also can listen to dynamic music, so that your journey longer lonely

– CD-level enjoyment of lossless sound quality: high-resolution restores lossless sound quality, bringing a CD-level music experience, with a device in hand, the music can be viewed on the mobile phone

– One full charge can be used for 4 hours: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged once and can be used for 4 hours with low battery, which is convenient and carefree

– You can wirelessly listen to the car audio, not only call but also listen to dynamic music so that your journey is no longer lonely

– Battery capacity: 140Amh (including battery)

– Working range: 10m (without obstacles)

– Charging time: 1h

– Use time: 4h

Package Weight:06g

Package Dimensions:6.5cm x 2cm x 12cm

Package Includes:

1 x Audio Receiver

1 x Type C USB Cable

1 x Aux Cable

1 x Manual


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