AY-49X Video Making Kit with 2 LED Fill Light


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– This Vlogger Kit contains everything you need to get professional results when filming using your mobile phone

– The Grip secures your device firmly in place for stable recording and incorporates a tripod for handheld or tabletop use, while the 2 LED lights ensure all your shots are perfectly lit

– Tripod Grip allows for it to Fold into a grip for handheld use

– Expands into a desktop tripod

– Has a 3/4inch screw that will attach to the phone cage

– Can be attached to a tripod in Portrait or Landscape mode(3/4 screw threads)

– Incorporates Phone clamp with padded ‘jaws’. Fits phones under 6.6inches

– Cage has 3 slots for cold mounting(in this kit 2 slots are used by the Mic and Light)

– Height adjustable slot for Mobile phone height adjustment. LED Light X2 – Mini design, easily fits in your pocket

– There is a 1/4 threaded hole on the light body/frame, which can be used with other accessories

– Independent power switch

– Highly efficient, power-saving, low energy consumption

– Can be fitted to a camera hot shoe bracket or camera tripod

Package Weight:40g

Package Dimensions:13.5cm x 6cm x 26cm

Package Includes:

2 x LED Fill Light

1 x Phone Cage

1 x Tripod Grip

1 x Microphone

1 x Aux 90 Degree Angle Cable


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