Audio 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Jack 3.5 Mic Y Splitter Headset to PC Adapter


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Still looking for a professional headphone computer adapter? Worried that your headphones don’t match your laptop? Please have a look at this product! This is a professional computer headphone adapter, can help you solve the trouble! It is a good choice!


-Material:Aluminum alloy
-The mobile phone headset can make voice calls, listen to music and play games on the computer.
-Use the earphones on the computer to listen to music, watch movies, make voice calls and play games, which is convenient and easy.
-The phone headset is connected to a laptop with two audio ports, and the headset is converted to a headset with two plugs.
-Aluminum alloy shell design, wear and durable, scratch-proof, fashion and beautiful.
-Mainly used for the use of dual-hole devices, such as dual-hole desktop computers and laptop computers converted into single-hole for the use of mobile phone headsets, supporting voice calls.

Interface: Audio output
Line length: 1.1 (m)
Number of splitter joints: one to tow two
Length: about 1.1 meters
Wire core type: copper core

Package Includes:

1 x Adapter Cable


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