Aerbes AB-J306 Three-Speed UV Silver Hanging Faucet Head


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– This faucet head uses high-quality ABS material at the thread so it will not be easily damaged even if you adjust it at any angle

– The water outlet is made of stainless steel to make the water purer and pollution-free

– Suitable for kitchen and bathroom faucet replacement

– The faucet booster water-saving device can rotate 360 degrees flexibly, you can adjust the angle conveniently.

– This adjustment process will not cause you to get wet or wastewater

– It complies with environmental protection principles on the basis of convenience

– The installation process requires no additional tools except your hands

– Replacement can be achieved by performing simple 2-3 steps. Specific you can refer to the product description or consult us

Package Weight:8g

Package Dimensions:6cm x 6cm x 9cm

Package Includes:

1 x Faucet Head


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