809 High Power Rechargeable Self Defense Stun Baton


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– LD-809 really packs a punch! Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker

– As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound, an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks If the sight and sound don’t stop him, a jolt from this stun gun certainly will bring an attacker down!

– When an attacker is touched by the stun gun it will disrupt the message the brain sends to the voluntary muscles

– Simply touching an attacker will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity

– Due to restrictions in some countries and regions, the customer is responsible for proper use, storage, and knowledge of local laws and regulations regarding ownership and usage of this product

– Snatch Prevention – Should an assailant try to snatch the device from you, the shock plates on the side of the unit will also deliver a high voltage shock

– Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes help penetrate through thick clothing

– Internal Rechargeable Battery – No expensive batteries to buy

– Power input: 6.0VDC

– Current:

  • 1.9A (for electric shocks)
  • 0.8A (for illumination)

– Power output: Above 300kV

Package Weight:40g

Package Dimensions:38cm x 7cm x5cm

Package Includes:

1 x Stun Baton

1 x Carry case

1 x Charger Cable


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