JG16 One Hand Keyboard With Mouse


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One-hand gaming keyboard supports 35 keys collision-free operation.
Colorful backlight enhances the gaming experience; Palm rest design reduces hand fatigue.
Compatible with Win 2000/XP/7/8/10/Vista, Mac OS and etc.
Suitable for game enthusiasts, business office crowd, long-time computer workers.

USB Wired Keyboard:
Number of keys: 35 keys (full keys without conflict)
Operating voltage : 5V
Working current: 100mA
Length: 160cm
Product Size: 20.3*15.3*3.5cm

USB Wired Mouse:
3D Optical Mouse
Rated voltage/current: DC 5V / 100mA
Number of keys: 9 programmable keys

Cable length: 150cm

Keyboard Operation
Light Effect Mode:
1. Support a variety of cool LED lighting effects(Fn + Esc = backlight mode switching)
The order effect is as follows: Single light color – Sing light color breathing mode – pull transformation – water ripple – diagonal pull – left and right slide – diffusion mode – backlight off (default is always on)
2. At sleep or standby state, the backlight function will be automatically turned off.
After the host is started, the previous mode is restored.
3. FN + 5 = side backlight mode switch (4 different RGB light modes)

FN Combination Function:
1. Support game mode Fn+ ~ = normal mode / game mode switching
Game mode: full keyboard backlight flashes 5 times after switching game mode(Cut the normal mode is similar)
The corresponding button functions are as follows:
F1 – Number 7; F2 – number 8; F3 – Number 9; F4 – number 0; F5 – (equal key); Letter G – letter M.
2. Fn+Esc=Backlight mode switching:
Fn+1=Speed movement speed is increased (third speed adjustment)
Fn+2=Lighting speed slows down (third speed adjustment)
Fn+3=Light brightness enhancement (third brightness adjustment)
Fn+4=Lighting brightness is weakened
FN+5=Side backlight mode switching

– Mouse Usage:
Download the macro programming software to the computer through the website, and run “setup.exe” to install.
When the mouse is successfully connected and used normally, the installation can be started.
After the installation is complete, the “J600” drive icon will appear on the desktop.
LED settings: always on, custom breath, spectral cycle, off.
Mouse parameters: The pointer precision, wheel speed and double click speed can be set.
Custom settings: Custom macro editing that supports game effects.
After setting, click “Applications” and then click “Save Configuration”. Start the driver again the next time you use it so that you can use all customization.

Package Weight: 500g

Package Dimensions: 28,5cm x 4,5 x 22 (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
1 x Gaming Keyboard
1 x Gaming Mouse


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