D1 15W Magnetic Portable Wireless Universal Fast Charger


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1. Customized ultra-thin magnetic wireless fast charger

2. The magnetic wireless charging is automatically absorbed and precisely aligned, making the charging efficiency faster.

3. Support multiple modes of charging, smart fast charging will not damage the machine.

4. PC+Aluminum-Alloy fireproof material, ultra-thin wireless fast charging with a thickness of only 8mm, light and easy to carry.

5. With 1 meter cable, you can move freely when charging, and play at any angle without restriction.

Use the ring sticker provided for other phones that are wireless charging compatible


Type: Wireless Charger

Interface: USB-C

Product power: 15W

Charging Frequency:110-205KHz

Charging Distance: 3-8mm

Charging efficiency:80%-85%

Certification: CE/FCC/RoHS Certification

Package Includes:

1* Magnetic Wireless Charger


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